Studio One Afrique is an online clothing store for men and women.  Our clothes are mostly made with colorful African-inspired fabrics called the Ankara.


Our style is classic and sophisticated which inspires the individual to feel beautiful and powerful.

We carry a variety of styles including women's dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, men's two-piece sets and classic blazers.

Our mission is to make African-inspired clothing a household name all across the world thereby connecting people to the rich and beautiful African culture!


Remember! Our clothes make wonderful gifts for every occasion for all your loved ones.


Thank you for shopping with us. We appreciate your business.


Adeola Yunusa



Our Concept

The concept of Studio One Afrique is to create stylish and well-fitting ready-to-wear African clothes.

The African print has always been loved and admired by many people who have not necessarily been open to wearing the kind of styles they were made in. What Studio One Afrique has done is to create modern styles that are versatile and appealing using the original dynamic prints. It is exciting to see the demand for African prints and styles now prominently featured in stores, magazines, movies and on the runways of New York and the world. These beautiful fashion is worn by famous actors, actresses and models worldwide.



Studio One Afrique operates as a boutique with specialty items. Some of the styles are one-of-a-kind and others are available in just a few quantity. Because they are not mass-produced, items once sold may no longer be available.



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